11th International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East

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Workshop Luciani

Mobility in the Arabian Peninsula

Organizer: Marta Luciani (University of Vienna)


From the earliest human migrations through seasonal subsistence patterns and long-distance trade routes (Magee 2014), different types of mobility have characterized human occupation in the Arabian Peninsula throughout the ages.
The workshop explores the dual concepts of mobility and connectivity (Luciani 2016) linking the vast expanses of Arabia by discussing several distinctive study-cases and current fieldwork from the southeastern tip to the northeast and northwest of the Peninsula and spanning diachronically the multiple millennia from the Neolithic to the Islamic Period.


Alasmari, Khalid (University of York)
Al-Jahwari, Nasser (Department College of Arts and Social Sciences, Sultan Qaboos University)
Al-Jallad, Ahmad (University of Leiden)
Avanzini, Alessandra (University of Pisa)
Berardino, Simona (Instituto Universitario „L‘Orientale“, Naples)
Charloux, Gauillaume (CNRS, France)
Dinies, Michèle (FU Berlin – DAI)
Douglas, Khalid (Department College of Arts and Social Sciences, Sultan Qaboos University)
Durand, Caroline (CNRS, UMR 5189-HiSoMA, Lyon)
Fiema, Zbiniew (University of Helsinki)
Fujii, Sumio (Institute of Human and Social Sciences, Kanazawa University, Japan)
Intilia, Andrea (DAI Berlin)
Loreto, Romolo (Instituto Universitario „L‘Orientale“, Naples)
Luciani, Marta (University of Vienna)
Machel, Laura (University of Vienna)
Neef, Reinder (FU Berlin – DAI)
Rohmer, Jerôme (CNRS, France)
Schiettecatte, Jérémie (CNRS, France)
Tagliamonte, Enrica (University of Pisa)
Tourtet, Francelin (DAI Berlin)
Williams, Kimberly D. (Temple University, Philadelphia)


9:00 Alasmari, Khalid: AlUyanah: Neolithic Site in the Northwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
9:30 Fujii, Sumio et al.: Post-Neolithic Cultural Sequence in NW Arabia: New Perspective from Wadi Sharma sites
10:00 Dinies, Michèle/Neef, Reinder et al.: The Economy of Oases: a View from Botany
10:30 Luciani, Marta: Mobility and the genesis of oasis settlement
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Douglas, Khalid/Al-Jahwari, Nasser/Williams, Kimberly: The Early Bronze Age Umm an-Nar community in Dahwa (DH1) mobility and exchange between Magan and Indus on the Batinah Coast, northern Oman
12:00 Avanzini, Alessandra/Tagliamonte: Long distance routes and contacts in Salut through the millennia
12:30 Williams, Kimberly D./Al-Jahwari, Nasser/Douglas, Khalid: Umm an-Nar Burial Rituals at Dahwa, Northern Oman
13:00 Lunch break
14:00 Machel, Laura: Qurayyah Painted Ware – an “interconnected” pottery of the 2nd millennium BCE
14:30 Intilia, Andrea/Tourtet, Francelin Andrea: Area O, Tayma, Saudi Arabia
15:00 Fiema, Zbigniew: Al-Qusayr And The Hijazi Trade Routes
15:30 Rohmer, Jerôme/Al-Jallad, Ahmad: Thāj, a commercial and cultural crossroads in Eastern Arabia
16:00 Coffee break
16:30 Durand, Caroline: Comparing the trade networks of Northwest and Eastern Pre-Islamic Arabia: recent data from Hegra and Thaj
17:00 Charloux, Guillaume: Aspects of Mobililty in Dûmat al-Jandal (Northwestern Arabia): the «Camel site» question
17:30 Schiettecatte, Jérémie: Out of Arabia. When trade and diplomacy made Southerners cross the desert
18:00 Loreto, Romolo: The pottery productions from Dūmat al-Jandal. An outline from the Assyrian to the Islamic era