11th International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East

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19 workshops will take place from Wednesday to Saturday (04.-07.04.2018) in the main university building. The workshops are open to all conference participants.

General workshop schedule

For more detailed schedules, please check out the individual workshops:

  • WS 1: Bronze Age Burial Practices on the Arabian Peninsula: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Cultural Contacts and Exchange (Hausleiter/Laursen)
  • WS 2: New and Old Multidisciplinary Researches at Shahr -i Sokhta in a Historical Perspective (Ascalone/Sajjadi)
  • WS 3: Bronze Age Cyprus: Regionalism versus Interculturalism (Fischer/Bürge)
  • WS 4: Late Bronze Age Painted Pottery Traditions at the Margins of the Hittite State (Manuelli/Mielke)
  • WS 5: Middle Bronze Age tombs and their funerary environment from Syria to Egypt (Kopeztsky/Wygnanska)
  • WS 6: Achaemenid Residences in Context (Kaniuth/Gondet)
  • WS 7: The Late Chalcolithic of Upper Mesopotamia and the interaction with Southern Uruk communities: new data and interpretations for a better understanding of the early urban world (Baldi/Iamoni/Peyronel/Sconzo)
  • WS 8: Palaeogenetics and Cultural Archaeological Perspectives on the Eastern Mediterranean Bronze and Early Iron Age (Stockhammer/Milevski)
  • WS 9: "“Dark Ages”? Identifying Markers of Transition in Mesopotamia and the Near “Dark Ages”? Identifying Markers of Transition in Mesopotamia and the Near East on a Diachronic Scale (Coppini/Palermo/Pappalardo/Pierobon-Benoit)
  • WS 10: After the Harvest. Storage strategies and food processing in Bronze Age Mesopotamia (Borrelli/Scazzosi)
  • WS 11: Mobility in the Arabian Peninsula (Luciani)
  • WS 12: Archaeometrical Studies in Iran: State of Research and Perspectives (Kasiri/Abedi/Thomalsky)
  • WS 13: Redefining Interaction and Mobility in preshistoric Southern Central Asian Archaeology (Luneau/Rouse)
  • WS 14: The Enigma of the Hyksos (Bietak/Prell)
  • WS 15: Phoenicians in Phoenicia: New Directions and Recent Discoveries (Dixon/Killebrew)
  • WS 16: Reconstructing Destruction: New Trajectories in the Macro- and Micro-Archaeological Research of Destruction Layers in the Ancient Near East (Kreimermann/Shahack-Gross)
  • WS 17: Glazed Brick Decoration in the Ancient Near East (Gries/Fügert)
  • WS 18: Movement and Mobility between Egypt and the Levant in the Second Millennium BC (Cohen/Adams)
  • WS 19: Water Studies within Archaeology: towards a Synthesis in Archaeohydrology? (Wellbrock/Charbonnier/Ertsen)